The heart of the city is filled with office buildings surrounded by sports and concert facilities with great restaurants and bars tucked in throughout.


The hub of the hipster lifestyle where you're more likely to see bikes than cars, as many dogs as people in the cafes & more antique shops than offices.


A blend of national & local shops and restaurants, newly built luxury condos and the acclaimed annual Uptown Art Fair and ever popular arcade "Up-Down."

Photo: creative commons wikipedia

Living in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is often referred to as the hipster paradise, and the reasons go far beyond flannel shirts and perfectly messily draped scarves. Although, let's be honest... Those points definitely add to the theory.

The other reasons fashioned forward non conformers love Minneapolis is, believe it or not, the same reasons everyone else does too. The bike culture and overall attention to health and well-being is an attractive lifestyle choice. It promotes forward thinking and an intensified awareness and appreciation for the community at large.

The city's emphasis on literature is so vast it has been named the third most literate city in the country.  With the state's booming wine industry, young professionals are gathering in hoards to discuss the latest best seller while waffling gentle sips of deep reds.

Generally, this describes the most pretentious people, however, keeping in line with the hipster lifestyle, almost half the adult population in Minneapolis volunteer their time to help others. Even though Minneapolis is the "diva" of the twin cities, it's nice to know that the residents care about each other. This undoubtedly has an effect on the lifestyle so many people there are enjoying.

Nothing tops off a hipster's dream location like a mall and The Mall of America has everything, any trend setter could ever dream of.

When you're all stocked up on fancy new digs, you can show them off (nonchalantly and totally aloof like) at any of the plentiful theaters. Minneapolis holds the second largest amount of theater seats per capita in the entire country. The young professional population is mainly made up of white collar workers. The type that enjoys an art museum that has an attached wine bar.

While this might sound rather mundane to some, the diversity of the city has kept it ever changing. Yes, that's right, contrary to popular belief the city is vastly diverse. Home to the largest Hmong population outside of Laos, the ten percent Latino, eighteen percent African American and five percent Asian city is a wonderland for immigrants and alternative lifestyles.

Although, the music scene isn't exactly a new thing, you know seeing how Prince was born, raised and wrote his first albums here; it is thriving in the Indie genre. There are a variety of bars and outlets that feature local musicians in an easy laid back environment.

What's interesting to find out is, even though Minneapolis is a modern city with a lot of transplants, loved by yuppies and hipsters alike.... It's not easy to make new friends. Minneapolis is where newly relocated residents, most experience the "Minnesota Nice" phenomenon. Perhaps, that's the secret ingredient to a well-rounded lifestyle. Not having hoards of people in and out of your life, making and breaking relationships. If that is the case, they are doing a splendid job of it in Minneapolis. It's not to say that people are not friendly. Just the opposite, you'll be greeted by a smiling face and warm passersby, but that's where it starts and stops.