Our Story

Whenever I visit other cities, people inevitably ask where I’m from. When I tell them “Minneapolis” I often get blank stare-responses because rarely have they been here to visit and sometimes they don’t even know where it is.  Our great metro area is a well-kept secret. But it doesn’t have to be. And we’re here to prove it!

We also think we’re going to be able to take all of our entertainment expenses off our taxes if we write about it here — Is there a tax accountant reading this that confirm that for us?

Meet the Team

Minneapolis Reporter

Ash Kavanagh

Minneapolis Editor

Originally from Boston MA, Ash moved to Minneapolis to attend the U. After graduating in 2008, he decided to remain in the Twin Cities and now lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his two miniature schnauzers, Dylan and Cash. Ash, Dylan and Cash routinely compete to see who rocks the beard the best!


Saint Paul reporter

Teagan Kelly

St Paul Editor

Teagan was born and raised in Highland Village. A graduate of St. Cate’s, Teagan continues to call St. Paul home, though she has moved from the single-family neighborhood she grew up in to the “hip zip” of Lowertown.

Suburban Reporter

Nicole Barrett

Suburban Editor

Nicole is a “stay-at-home” mom who lives in Eden Prairie with her husband Michael and their son Jackson. (pictured with mom above) Nicole does anything but stay at home, as you’ll see from her posts here.