Home to The Excel Energy Center, Roy Wilkin Auditorium and Ordway Center for Performing Arts and afternoon tea at The Saint Paul Hotel.



Saint Paul Saints stadium at one end, Music in Mears park every week in the summertime and a resurgence of restaurants and bars. LabeledĀ the "hippest zip" in America.

7th Street


Home to iconic St Paul restaurants like Cosettas & Mancinis with fun pubsĀ in between. Park the car and pub hop up one side and down the other.

Capitol Hill

Beginning with the Cathedral of St Paul, this neighborhood is a blend of established bars and restaurants to newcomers. Best date night restaurants WA Frost & La Grolla or vodka-tasting night at Moscow on the Hill.

Mears Park, Lowertown St Paul. Photo courtesy of Flickr creative commons

St. Paul Lifestyle

Saint Paul is one of the most populated and dense cities in the United States. Sitting on the east bank of the Mississippi river, it began as a booming trade city. Even with hot and humid summers and rigid ice cold winters, Saint Paul has plenty to do all year long.


The St. Paul lifestyle is reserved for those of us that have decided to really enjoy every moment of life. Although it is a major metropolitan, the tree-lined streets and friendly atmosphere give you a small town feeling.


Eighty-four percent of the residents are non smokers, seventy-five percent of the population is at a healthy weight and eighty-two percent live an active lifestyle. The reason for the extremely high quality of life in Saint Paul is directly related to the lifestyle the city promotes.


Residents are taking advantage of all the enjoyable activities the city has to offer, and the overall effect on the quality of life is much higher than the national average. An astounding ninety-four percent of the residents in St. Paul live within ten minutes of a park and there are ten lakes inside the city border.


If you happen to be more of an indoors type, that's okay, St. Paul as got you covered. The Skyway system stretches out, over and under the city. Though not as far-reaching as the Minneapolis Skyway System, you'll be able to navigate around for miles without so much as getting your boots wet. Enjoying museum and restaurant hopping without every feeling a single snow or rain drop. There are even apartments for rent where your front door will open onto the Skyway!


The city provides a thriving atmosphere for young families and couples. With a solid job market focused on health technology, life science, and biotechnology companies, there is no shortage of job options. Even better, the best of the best nationally recognized companies have their headquarters in St. Paul. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average, with opportunities for at every level of employment.


With the average age of residents holding steady at around thirty-one years old, and only twelve percent of the residents over the age of sixty-five, it's clear that the city encourages a young lifestyle. While there are a large number of nightlife options, the city should not be looked at as a party town. Although the population is largely young, over fifty percent are part of a household or married. This contributes greatly to the balance of the city. All walks of life can enjoy all there is to offer in a manner that is comfortable for them.


The remaining, roughly, half of the population is single and enjoying a thriving social life. St. Paul was voted one of the best places to be single in the entire country.


Singles, married couples, and young families enjoy St. Paul's clean air, lack of smoking, bikes, rolling hills, museums, historical sites, warm atmosphere, and strong job market. In fact, these attributes have such an obvious effect on the residents that Forbes recognized St. Paul as being the nation's healthiest city.


It truly is a hidden utopia.